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Interactive Golf Map

Screenshots of the interactive map for the Wachovia Championship

February 2006 | Design & Flash Development | View Map

The Wachovia Championship wanted a map put on the their site to help people locate the various services and amenities at Quail Hollow Country Club during the week of the tournament. Although a simple graphical map would have been sufficient I wanted to make it more useful and interactive. I rebuilt the map in Flash sized to the small 800x600 monitor size of the day. To alleviate the issues surrounding such a small detailed map I built in the ability to quickly zoom into each hole for a closer look or simply click on an amenity to have all their locations highlighted on the map. I also added several more useful features such as the ability to view photos, read more about each hole, and even measure distances on the course. The ability to download or print a large version was also provided for those wanting to take a hard copy to the course.