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ATM Locator

Screenshots of ATM locator

May 2011 | Design

Although Ally doesn't have any physical branches or even any ATMs of its own, the company does offer its customers a wide variety of locations to either withdraw cash from ATMs or get cash back from stores. The problem was it wasn't quick and easy to find these locations. The ATM locator was built to solve this unfortunate issue. Designed and optimized for desktop, iPhone/Android, and iPad (the iPad version wasn't developed) it made finding places to get cash simple. For the mobile versions, the user only had to tap a large button to get their current location and a few seconds later they are presented with 50 nearby locations. If they're looking for an ATM in a location not near you it's only a matter of typing in an address or using your on-device contact list to populate this field. Care was taken to minimize typing (so painful on a phone) and keep the app focused and uncluttered.